Fresh Water Affairs

The Working Group Fresh Water Affairs consists of  representatives from different national and regional advisory bodies which have longstanding experience on water affairs.

Through communication and coordination, as well as the combined knowledge, expertise, and resources of its members, the working group is able to address a number of relevant issues with regard to the European fresh water dossiers, such as the Water Framework Directive.

The Working Group is currently Chaired by: Minaraad

Upcoming Events

Fresh Water Affairs
5 July 2017 - 5 July 2017

As part of its policy cycle, a review of the Water Framework Directive
is planned for 2019. In prelude to this planned review of the
directive The EEAC Fresh Water Affairs Working Group will start working on this issue.

A gathering in July - together with the European Commission- is prepared. more information will follow in due time.

Past Events

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