Marine Affairs

The Working Group Marine and Water affairs consists of  representatives from different national and regional advisory bodies which have longstanding experience on marine  affairs.

Through communication and coordination, as well as the combined knowledge, expertise, and resources of its members, the working group is able to address a number of relevant issues with regard to the European seas and oceans.

The Working Group is currently Chaired by:

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Dr. António Abreu                   Dr. Puri Canals


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Past Events

The role of science in strengthening anintegrated policy approach for our seas and oceans
14 November 2017 - 14 November 2017

The European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) organized a workshop on the role of science in strengthening an integrated policy approach to our seas and oceans. The workshop was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 14 November 2017, and was hosted by the office of Mr Ricardo Serrão Santos, member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries.

The workshop brought together selected scientists, policy-makers and representatives of governments and civil society at the EU, national and sub-national level. In the workshop, participants were challenged to engage in group work on three main topics:

How diverse are knowledge transfer and dialogue platforms and interfaces in Europe? What are the most effective and useful science-policy-society cooperation mechanisms and structures (especially on marine and coastal issues)? How could they be improved?
Does Europe need a common scientific agenda on marine and coastal affairs? If so, how should this agenda be formulated? Which stakeholders should have a seat at the table?
What changes should be introduced in education to be able to have scientists and professionals in the future with an integrated and ecosystem-based approach to and vision of marine and coastal management?

The programme was dedicated to cooperation and knowledge exchange through an interactive set-up. Consequently, at this workshop participants not just attended the event, but first and foremost they were expert participants.

The presentation by Prof. Thiede and Prof. Boero (EASAC) can be found below and the workshop outcome document will be uploaded in due time.

Documents for The role of science in strengthening anintegrated policy approach for our seas and oceans:

Presentation by Prof Thiede and Prof Boero, EASAC
Marine sustainability in an age of changing oceans and seas by the European Academies Science Advisory Council
Joint workshop outcome letter EEAC and EASAC
Maritime Spatial Planning: Lessons learned and main challenges identified
31 May 2016 - 31 May 2016

The workshop, which was organized as side event of the European Sustainable Development Week and the European GreenWeek 2016, enabled mutual learning by bringing together select group of European and national experts to share knowledge, experience and views on the lessons learned from the implementation of the maritime spatial planning policies.
Special attention was paid to subjects such as monitoring, the relation between maritime spatial planning and marine protected areas and to the general challenges ahead.
By bringing together European and national experts, representatives of NGO’s and members of strategic advisory councils the workshop offered an interesting platform for mutual learning, knowledge sharing and informed debate.
The presentations and the mainline summary will become available soon.

Documents for Maritime Spatial Planning: Lessons learned and main challenges identified:

The EEA Marine Roadmap by Dr Isoard (EEA)
Maritime Spatial Planning implemention by Ms. Dom (Seas at Risk)
Maritime Spatial Planning in the German EEZ by Dr. Salomon (SRU)
The AdriPlan by Dr. Musco (Università IUAV)
Evaluating performance of the Portuguese MSP system by Ms. Ferreira (New University of Lisbon)
Assesememnet of sustinability in costal aras by Dr. Y Fernández-Palacios (Universidad de Las Palmas)
Marine Protected Areas and MSP by Dr. Canals (MedPan)
Key challenges for European seas and oceans
14 April 2015 - 14 April 2015

On Tuesday the 14th of April the working group Marine and Water affairs of the European Network
of Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) met in the European
Parliament. During the meeting several key challenges of the European seas and oceans were

The participants shared knowledge on the topics of nitrogen as a major problem for the marine
environment, the current status of marine management in the Mediterranean sea and Marine
protected areas and nature conservation as part of the Integrated Maritime Policy.

Contributions included speeches by Hainz Siemers (European Commission, Head of Unit, DG MARE),
Markus Salomon (German Advisory Council on the Environment), Puri Canals (MedPAN, Chair
person) and Nicolas Fournier (senior policy advisor at Oceana).

Documents for Key challenges for European seas and oceans:

Mainline Summary: Key challanges for European seas and oceans