The EEAC Network and the Open SDGclub.Berlin

Arnau Queralt and Gábor Bartus – Co-Chairs of the EEAC Sustainable Development Working Group- kindly informed the EEAC members and partners today that the German Council for Sustainable Development (EEAC member Council) has published a report on the first Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting in November 2016.

The Open SDGclub.Berlin is an English-language international conference in Berlin at which participants can share their initial experience with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its global Sustainable Development Goals, as adopted by the UN in September 2015. It’s first gathering took place in November 2016.

The report on the first Open SDGclub.Berlin summarizes the meeting, gives insight in the preparatory process leading to the meeting and presents follow-up actions and lessons learned. Take a look at the informative graphics and read the full report here