EEAC board members visit Danish 2030 Panel

EEAC Network’s board members Arnau Queralt and Ron Hillebrand paid a visit to the Danish 2030 Panel in Copenhagen on Friday 26 April 2019. The 2030 Panel is the multi stakeholder advisory board to the Danish Parliament’s all-party group on the SDGs, the so called 2030 Network.

The EEAC board members and members of the 2030 Panel discussed the issue of international cooperation between advisory bodies to governments and parliaments in the field of Sustainable development. Furthermore, they discussed the Panel’s first baseline report for monitoring the achievement of the SDGs in Denmark.

The 2030 Network and 2030 Panel

In March 2017, the All-Party Group on the SDGs – the 2030-Network – was created in the Danish Parliament. The 2030-Network does not have the power to take formal decisions in the law-making process but serves instead to raise awareness and promote the 17 sustainable development goals as a Danish priority and monitor the implementation of the 2030 agenda on a national and international level.

The 2030-Panel has been appointed by the All-party Group and consists of 22 people representing the private sector, civil society, unions, the consumers, academia, municipalities and other sectors in the Danish society. The different competencies and interests represented in the board makes the panel allegeable to support the Group’s work with the implementation and realisation of the SDGs through dialogue, recommendations, and bringing forth evidence-based analysis and reports.

Danish baseline report

As a result, the 2030-Panel presented the first out of 17 baseslines for monitoring the achievement of the goals in Denmark. The baseline was on SDG 11 and was received by the Parliamentarians from the 2030-Network at a meeting between the two organs, where also the Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark participated. Click here to read the latest Baseline report by the 2030 Panel.