Tentative NECPs: An EEAC stocktaking excercise

The EEAC Working Group on Energy and Climate Change concluded that the EU Energy Union Governance Regulation will largely define the overarching governance framework within which the climate and energy transition takes place. It is therefore imperative that the EEAC Working Group Chairman – Folmer de Haan – putted one of the main pillars of the Energy Union Governance Regulation, the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP), at center stage in the working group’s work this year.

To produce an EEAC stocktaking document, advisory bodies on the environment and for sustainable development and climate change (hereafter: advisory bodies) have submitted their preliminary views on the draft NECPs of their respective nations. The EEAC stocktaking document distils and summarizes the input provided by these advisory bodies and serves to kick off the process of knowledge exchange and building.

Besides the stocktaking document, the EEAC Working Group on Energy and Climate Change met with European experts to discuss the draft NECPs. Based on the outcomes of the stocktaking document and following the remarks made during the workshop, Folmer de Haan drafted a cover letter in which he shares some mainline observations with regard to the draft NECPs. Read More