Latest publication: Towards an ambitious environmental policy in Germany and Europe

The German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) published a new Environmental Report entitled “Towards an ambitious environmental policy in Germany and Europe” on May 14th 2020. Against the background of the Corona pandemic, climate change and biodiversity loss are currently receiving less attention. However, the long-term threat to the natural foundations of life persists.

The current crisis has also revealed that our lives and economic activities are vulnerable to a previously unsuspected degree. As different as the two crises are, one thing they have in common is that they can only be overcome through collective and decisive action. The resuscitation of the economy which is now required should be used to find new ways of doing things.

“Large-scale economic stimulus packages must be ecologically sustainable”, says SRU Chair Prof. Claudia Hornberg. “Investments should be made in solutions that promote an environmentally safe development of the economy.” The German government, she adds, should seek to ensure that the economic stimulus packages brought in by the EU are also designed to help implement the European Green Deal. Read More