Latest publication: Sustainable supply chains

In this latest publication the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) shares recommendation for effectively embedding sustainability and human rights in global supply chains. The publication followed an update of the German National Sustainable Development Strategy.

In the course of updating this National Sustainable Development Strategy, the German Federal Government replaced the existing management rules with six principles of sustainable development. These principles are as follows: 1. Systematic application across the board of sustainable development as a guiding principle 2. Assumption of responsibility globally 3. Safeguarding of natural resources as foundation for a good life 4. Strengthening of sustainable business practice 5. Protection and improvement of social cohesion in an open society 6. Use of education, science and innovation as drivers of sustainable development.

Principles 2–4 in particular are the main focus of the RNE recommendation. The RNE is advocating that due diligence regarding social and environmental aspects be embedded in globally linked supply chains and business relations by means of a smart mix. This smart mix comprises legal requirements and mandatory framework conditions, the outlining of minimum standards as well as voluntary initiatives in the business world and civil society. Read More