Presidency of the Council of the EU: half a year to make a wholehearted commitment

Germany will soon commence its presidency of the Council of the European Union. Rarely have there been so many sustainability-related topics on the agenda – plus the opportunity to put the billions of euros earmarked for the coronavirus recovery to transformative use, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) argues. In a post the council sheds its light on issues such as the ‘Next Generation EU’ framework, as well as on issues related to New climate targets, Circular economy, Industrial strategy and energy, the MMF and Agriculture. Read More

New composition SRU approved by Federal Cabinet

The German Federal Cabinet approved the appointment of the members of the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) for the period July 2020 until mid 2024.

Four university professors from various disciplines have been newly appointed. These four have special scientific knowledge and experience in environmental protection:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Dornack, TU Dresden, for the field of waste and recycling management
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Köck, University of Leipzig/Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ Leipzig), for the area of environmental and planning law
Prof. Dr. Josef Settele, University of Halle-Wittenberg/Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ Halle), for the field of nature conservation/ecology/biodiversity/land use
Prof. Dr. Annette Elisabeth Töller, FernUniversität Hagen, for German and European environmental policy

Several council members were re-appointed:

Prof. Dr. Claudia Hornberg, University of Bielefeld, for the area of health sciences/toxicology/noise and environmental justice
Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert, DIW Berlin, for the area of Economics/Climate Protection/Energy/Transport
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lucht, PIK Potsdam, for the area of sustainability/earth system analysis

This  item is an English summary of the official press release by the BMU. Press release in German