Latest statement: For an efficient and area effective insect protection

The German Advisory Council on the Environment, together with the Scientific Advisory Board on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture launched a statement entitled ‘For an efficient and area effective insect protection’.

The two organisations, state that insects are essential components of ecosystems. They provide many services on which we rely and from which we benefit every day, for example the pollination of crops or biological pest control. Data shows a serious loss of insects, the most species-rich class of animals. A further loss of insects and thus fundamental ecosystem services would have far-reaching negative consequences, also for human well-being as well as the environment.

The decline is the result of complex, often cumulative factors. Agriculture is a major contributor to this decline. Two of the most important reasons are the widespread and increasing impoverishment of the landscape structure and the input of nutrients and pesticides. In order to stop the loss of insects, the use of plant protection products and nutrients has to be reduced and monotonous landscapes have to be enriched with small structures such as hedges, trees and field margins. Furthermore, extensive grassland needs to be protected and used sustainably. Read More