Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes discussed Portugal’s EU Presidency Agenda with EEAC member councils

The Minister and the Secretary General of the Ministry for Environment and Climate Action of Portugal provided an EEAC-exclusive policy briefing on the agenda of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The member councils of the EEAC met with the Minister and the Secretary General online on Februari 17th 2021.

Portugal took over the Presidency of the European Council on January 1st 2021. The Portuguese Presidency organized its programme around five main pillars: A) Resilient Europe; B) Social Europe; C) Green Europe; E) Digital Europe; and F) Global Europe. In the e-presentation the ‘Green Europe’ pillar was centre-staged.

The Presidency has an ambitious agenda, including the finalization of the EU climate law, approval of the EU’s Circular Economy Strategy and a successful wrap-up of the negotiations on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. A packed Presidency agenda that needs to be delivered amidst the challenges of the covid19-pandemic.