The recordings of the 29th EEAC Annual Conference are now available

The 29th EEAC Annual Conference took place over three mornings from Wednesday 17th November to Friday 19th November. Over two hundred fifty experts, academics, council representatives and policy makers attended the conference which was virtually hosted from Barcelona.

The conference addressed the digital transformation within a European context and the issues and opportunities it raises for sustainable development. Experts shared their views upon many exciting opportunities that the digital transformation and artificial intelligence systems offer for sustainability, but also warned against both intended and unintended negative consequences that the ongoing digital transition could have on the ambition to achieveĀ  a sustainable Europe by 2030.

The recordings of the three conference days can be found on the conference page. A written conference summary and cover letter presenting the key findings, conclusions and preliminary recommendations deriving from the 29th Annual Conference will follow in due time.

EEAC member councils kicked-off series of internal workshops on sustainable food systems

A group of twelve advisory councils met digitally in the context of the EEAC Working Group on Ecosystem Services to discuss theĀ  need for a sustainable food systems framework at the European level. The meeting, on December 13th 2021, was the first in a series of meetings that are expected to lead to the formulation of joint insights and preliminary recommendations as to the establishment of a sustainable food systems framework at the European level. The next meeting is scheduled for January 2022.