FRDO-CFDD organized a webinar on the stakes of the  EU-AU Summit 2022 (recordings available)

In prelude of the Europe-Africa week, the Belgium Federal Council for Sustainable Development (FRDO-CFDD) organized a webinar on the stakes of the  EU-AU Summit 2022 conference. Representatives of the AU, the EU, the Belgian government and other experts explained the importance of this conference that will take place on 17-18 February 2022. The webinar recordings can be found here

Latest publication: Circular Economy: Leveraging a Sustainable Transformation

The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) issued a statement in 2021, which is now translated in English.

Despite its already established high leverage effect and the fact that some progress1 has already been made here, the circular economy has yet to take the spotlight in the political sphere. A strategic approach to circularity is urgently needed and should be developed, managed and implemented in a cross-ministerial capacity in line with efforts at EU level and together with international partner nations.

Against this backdrop the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) recommends organising the transition to circularity via a new, cross-ministerial governance mechanism coordinated by the German Federal Chancellery. An additional thirteen other recommendations – ranging from the need for social safeguarding instruments or expanding education and research – are part of the RNE’s statement.