New podcast series: Sustainability Made in Europe

Today, the first episode of a new podcast series ”Sustainability Made in Europe: A Policy Podcast on Finance, Reporting & Governance” is launched on Spotify and Anchor. The new podcast series debates major dynamics at the EU-level and presents expert views and backgrounds.

The first episode

In the first of four episodes, high-level experts such as Sandrine Dixson-Declѐve, Co-President of the Club of Rome and Udo Bullmann, member of the European Parliament, contribute their knowledge and experience. With a mix of expert interviews and contextual background information, this episode will provide a multi-perspective view on the European Green Deal and the EU’s sustainability policy in general.

The next series of episodes

In the following three episodes, the interviews with experts from politics, academia and business will focus on the EU Taxonomy, the draft Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the recently published draft Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, which aims to ensure human rights and environmental protection along global value chains. The goal of the podcast series is to make complex sustainability issues accessible to a broad audience while also providing in-depth expert knowledge.


The issues of sustainable finance, reporting and corporate governance are getting more and more attention in the European Union. Several regulatory initiatives have been published and have sometimes led to fierce debate. The new podcast series titled Sustainability Made in Europe: A Policy Podcast on Finance, Reporting & Governance picks up on these debates at the EU-level on various sustainability topics. Experts from academia, business and politics provide valuable insights into the most important legislative initiatives. The podcast series is a joint project of the Belgian (FRDO-CFDD) and German (RNE) Councils for Sustainable Development under the umbrella of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils Network (EEAC), implemented and hosted by Colin Bien from Masters of Change.