Latest publication: Towards a reliable expansion of onshore wind energy in Germany

The German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) published a short English-language summary of its statement on the expansion of onshore wind energy in Germany.

Onshore wind energy is one of the pillars of the energy transition. Germany can only reach its climate targets if onshore wind is developed much faster. However, in the last few years the expansion has almost stalled. The statement “Climate protection needs tailwind: Towards a reliable expansion of onshore wind energy” shows how challenges can be met.The most important reason for the faltering expansion of wind energy is that too few areas have been designated and secured in spatial planning. In addition, some German regions (L√§nder) have set distances between wind turbines and residential areas that cannot be justified in terms of protecting residents. The lack of standards in nature conservation and species protection leads to legal uncertainties. In general, the planning and approval procedures for wind turbines are error-prone and lengthy. Regions in which wind energy is used also benefit too little from the energy transition. This has an impact on local acceptance. There is also a need for change in the area of funding. Read More