EEAC + 6 Member Councils sign Call with Ten Priority Actions for the EU Elections and the Next Leadership of the EU

Today the new SDSN Europe Report was published. Alongside this report, together with scientists & civil society from over 20 countries, members of the European Environmental and Sustainable Development Advisory Council Network call on political parties and the future leadership of European Union to develop a new European Deal for the Future. This deal should answer to the multiple crises by implementing the 2030 Agenda with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement in an ambitious, integrated and coherent way, including a longer-term perspective for the EU until mid-century.

Please find their call here

These are the ten priority actions should be considered.

  1. Respond to the grave danger of negative “Social Tipping Points” – significantly reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion of European citizens.

  2. Double down efforts to achieve net-zero emissions in the EU by 2050, with major breakthroughs by 2030.

  3. Strengthen regional and local authorities in achieving the SDGs – regularly monitor and report SDG progress at all levels.

  4. Curb negative international spillovers and support the transformation towards a sustainable trade system.

  5. Leverage team Europe for global SDG diplomacy – strengthen diverse and universal formats, especially the United Nations.

  6. Step up Europe’s multilateral role – lead global efforts to reform the global financial architecture.

  7. Re-focus the EU’s International Partnerships on the SDGs – Move towards Mutually Transformative Cooperation.

  8. Mobilise the financial means for the transformations toward a sustainable future.

  9. Institutionalise the integration of the SDGs into strategic planning, macroeconomic coordination, budget processes, research and innovation missions and other policy instruments.

  10. Set up new permanent mechanisms for structured and meaningful engagement with civil society, including youth, and within the European Parliament on SDG pathways and policies.

Please find the SDSN report here 

The Europe Sustainable Development Report 2023/24 (5th edition) was prepared by a team of independent researchers at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) in collaboration with SDSN Europe and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). It builds on the methodology of the annual Sustainable Development Report, including the SDG Index and Dashboards. This year’s edition aims to provide a useful contribution towards strengthening Europe’s SDG leadership ahead of key European elections taking place in June 2024 and the Summit of the Future to be convened by the UN Secretary-General in September 2024.