Conference Update and Preview of Internal Workshops

With the first day of our annual EEAC Conference approaching soon, the programme is set and promises three days of expertise exchange and discussions. Under the title “Adaptation and Resilience – Taking stock of strategies to minimize climate risks in Europe”, we have shaped each day to centre a specific thematic focus.  


Monday 22 April – Internal EEAC Conference Day 

Monday is dedicated to one of the core values of the EEAC Network: internal knowledge exchange and networking. During this day EEAC internal member councils and invited guests come together for five council-led workshops centred around exchanging best practices and improving council work regarding:  

  • Implementing just transition elements into policy advice 
  • Giving cross-sectoral climate policy advice 
  • Incorporating synergies to maximize benefits of advisory council advice 
  • Effectively addressing acute conflicts like droughts 
  • Answering questions of feasibility for nature-based solutions in adaptation advice 


Tuesday 23 April – Public Conference Day dedicated to EU stakeholders 

Tuesday is the first public conference day and focuses on presenting and discussing pan-European issues related to climate adaptation and resilience. Specifically, four topics are highlighted:  

  • European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) 
  • Financing of Adaptation 
  • Adaptation and Resilience: how to leave no one behind? 
  • Policy best practices as a guidance for a changing climate

Offering their insights on these topics during panel discussions are among others experts and representatives from the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the DG CLIMA of the European Commission and from the EEAC Member Councils. Multiple q&a sessions offer the opportunity for active engagement of the audience.  


Wednesday 24 April – Public Conference Day dedicated to cross-regional Cooperation  

Wednesday is the last day of our conference and is centred around cross-regional cooperation between the Benelux, France and Germany. Regional representatives present the adaptation strategies of their countries, and discuss topics such as: 

  • Lessons learned from the 2021 floods 
  • Interregional collaboration on events caused/aggravated by climate change 

Again, panel discussions and q&a sessions ensure an interesting and lively exchange before Patrick Dupriez, Chairman of the FRDO-CFDD ends the conference with closing words around 17:00. 


For the detailed programme visit the FRDO-CFDD website. 


Registration for Tuesday is closed. Registration for members of the EEAC Network on Monday and for the public on Wednesday is still possible. To sign up please email: