EEAC member councils: Work in progress

EEAC member councils are tasked to advise their governments and parliaments on issues related to climate change, the environment and sustainable development. On this page you will find work in progress by the EEAC member councils.

The German Council for Sustainable Development

In March 2020, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) set up six thematic working groups on major cross-cutting issues, which will inform the work of the current Council until 2023:

–          Fundamental Issues of Sustainability Policy

–          European Politics and International Collaboration

–          Sustainable Livelihood Support

–          Sustainable Business Practices

–          Climate Protection and Decarbonization

–          Sustainable Food Systems

The implementation measures and projects, which are organized by the office of RNE, are assigned to the thematic priorities of the working groups. Among other things, results of its ongoing work include the Sustainability Code; the Germany-wide networking of players from all areas of society through Regional Hubs for Sustainability Strategies (RENN); the Sustainability Culture Fund; strategy dialogue with city mayors on sustainable urban development; as well as the Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies and the Peer Review.

For more information about the German Council for Sustainable Development, please contact Dr Marc-Oliver Pahl, Secretary General,, +49 30 338424-122; or Dr Hannah Janetschek, Coordinator European and International Affairs,, +49 30 338424-124.

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The Finnish expert Panel on Sustainable Development

The Finnish expert Panel on Sustainable Development has applied the framework proposed by Global Sustainable Development Report (2019) and published a toolkit “Six paths towards sustainability” for the transformation in Finland.

This work will continue in several ways:

A series of workshops in the fall 2020 and early 2021 will be organized together with the researchers making groundbreaking research on transformations in urban systems, food and nutrition and energy systems. The results will produce pathways to transformation in each of the system and in particular connections between them,  and strengthen the mutual collaboration with the panel and the broader scientific community in Finland and provide insights for decision-making for example in the design of the roadmap towards Agenda2030.

Two scientific publications on the six pathways. Panel has also prepared a book chapter “From efficiency to resilience”: systemic change through six transformations after COVID2019. Panel will inform once the chapter is available. Panel is working on a scientific paper on the same topic.

For more information about these activities, please contact Katriina Soini, co-ordinator, or +358 29 532 6550, Eeva Furman, chair of the Panel,  +358 29 5251123

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Federal Council for Sustainable Development (Belgium)

Economic Recovery Programme, a response: The Council has already published a first opinion on what stakeholders expect from the economic recovery programme of the federal government in response to Covid-19. A second opinion is in preparation.

Indicators for sustainable development: The Council recently organised a seminar on indicators, with a focus on the recent federal sustainable development report. The report is an element of the policy cycle that is part of the federal law on sustainable development.

Implementation of the SDGs: The Council recently organised a seminar in which the Belgian Court of Auditors presented the audit they made on the way the SDGs are implemented in Belgium. The theme will remain relevant for further work in the near future. What will happen depends on initiatives of the new federal government. The secretariat of the Council publishes at least twice a year a newsletter on the SDGs.

The European Green Deal: The European Green is an important focus of our work. We already publish a weekly briefing with Green Deal news. The Green Deal is already an important frame of reference in our opinions.

Just Transition: The Council is preparing an opinion on a ‘national conference of just transition’. The idea of such a national conference is also to be found in the programme of the new federal government.

Biodiversity: The Council is preparing a conference on biodiversity for the end of the year. An opinion is also in preparation, inspired by the new EU Biodiversity Strategy.

Natural resources and energy transition: The Council will organise a seminar on the issue of raw materials needed for the energy transition.

Financing the transition: The Council has organised a series of conferences on the issue of sustainable financing, with recently two conferences in September. For these conferences the Council worked together with the Commission, the EIB and the EEAC. Follow-up initiatives are in preparation.

Circular construction: A research paper on the issue of circular building and renovation is about to be published in the coming months. A conference is foreseen for November. The Council has organised stakeholder meetings to give extra feedback for the paper.

Mobility as a service: A seminar on ‘Maas’ (mobility as a service) will probably be organised in November.

New federal government: After a long political deadlock, Belgium has a new federal government. The secretariat of the Council will analyse the programme of the new government. In the coming weeks it will become clear what the plans of the new government mean for the activities of the Council.

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Council on the Environment and Infrastructure (Netherlands)

Soil subsidence in the peat meadows of the green heart: What choices must be made in relation to the adverse impact of soil subsidence in the peat meadows of the Green Heart area, and by whom? Click here for more information.

Access to the city: Access to our cities is no longer the same for everyone. How much of a problem is that, and how can it be anticipated? Click here for more information

Hydrogen policy: Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in the energy system of the future. But should it? What will that be like, what will it take to make it happen, and what role should the national government play? Click here for more information.

Digitisation and the transition towards a sustainable society: Digitisation and sustainability transitions are inextricably linked. What would be the best role for government to ensure digitisation will contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society? Click here for more information.


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