Planetary Health

The EEAC Network, in collaboration with the Advisory Council for the Sustainable Development of Catalonia, is organising three consecutive webinars on the concept of planetary health. This series of webinars will take place on the mornings of 14 October, 21 October and 28 October.

The webinar series, entitled “Towards Planetary Health”, will allow the EEAC Network to contribute to widening the understanding of the concept of planetary health, which is defined as “the health of human civilisation and the state of the natural systems on which it depends.” The webinar series will offer policymakers a deeper understanding of the importance of the current threats to planetary health and the need to take action at national, subnational and local levels.

Due to the importance that the EEAC Network attaches to planetary health, the webinar will be open not only to its members, but also to a wider constituency. To enrich the outcomes of the series, all three webinars will include question-and-answer sessions.

Upcoming Events

Making policies work for Planetary Health
28 October 2021 - 28 October 2021

The third and final webinar, entitled “Making Policies Work for Planetary Health”,  will focus on various initiatives that are working to help governments prevent future health risks related to ecosystem degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change. Experts from research institutions, universities and advisory councils will share their views and respond to questions from the audience. Consult the preliminary programme below.

Documents for Making policies work for Planetary Health:


Past Events

Planetary Health in the Anthropocene
21 October 2021 - 21 October 2021

On October 21st the second of three consecutive webinars on the concept of planetary health took place. During this second webinar, entitled “Planetary Health in the Anthropocene”, Nick Jacobs (Director, IPES-Food), Jordi Serra-Cobo (Lecturer, IRBio), and Aleksandra Kazmierczak (Expert – Climate change and human health, EEA) touched upon the food-health nexus, the profound relation between biodiversity loss, land use change and threats to health, as well as on the relation between climate change and human health. The recordings of the session will be uploaded in due time, the presentations can already be found below.

Documents for Planetary Health in the Anthropocene:

Unravelling the food-health nexus by Nick Jacobs (IPES-Food)
Escaping the 'Era of Pandemics' by Jordi Serra-Cobo (UB)
Health: a driver for climate action, by Aleksandra Kazmierczak, (EEA)
Planetary Health, introduction to a new paradigm
14 October 2021 - 14 October 2021

On October 14th the first of three consecutive webinars on the concept of planetary health took place. During this first webinar, entitled “Planetary Health, Introduction to a New Paradigm”, Josep Maria Antó-Boqué (ISGlobal), Sarah Dickin (Stockholm Environment Institute) and Peter Sousa Hoejskov (World Health Organizaiton, Regional Office) touched upon the concept of Planetary Health from different angles, like human health and the one health concept, and discussed policy coherence and entry points for the concept of Planetary Health across the Paris Agreement, Agenda2030, the  Sendai Framework, and the New Urban Agenda. The recordings can be found here, and the presentations can be found below.

Documents for Planetary Health, introduction to a new paradigm:

What is Planetary Health? by Josep Maria Antó-Boqué
Planetary Health: Policy coherence and entry points, by Sarah Dickin
One Health: The integrated approach from human health, by Peter Sousa Hoejskov