Private: The EU Water Framework Directive: beyond the analysis of the partial success

In the run-up to its third management cycle, the EU Water Framework Directive is being reviewed. Through March 2019 public consultation (part of the WFD fitness check) will take place. In early 2019, the European Commission launched its fifth WFD Implementation Report. These processes shine light on the partial success of the WFD implementation. Three issues stand out for the EEAC:

a)  Lack of adequate finance.
b) Limited up taking of the economic thinking of the WFD.

c) Lack of a paradigm shift to a systemic approach in water policies.

The EEAC Working Group on Fresh Water Affairs will organize a round-table session in Brussels in June 2019 to study possible solutions to overcome these issues. To this end, a selection of (sub)national and European stakeholders will be invited to join the advisory bodies in exchange and informed debate. Read More