The EEAC is a network governed by the Annual Plenary Session (APS), which gathers all the member councils. The APS meets at least once a year and deliberates on past and future goals and activities. The APS elects a Board to facilitate the functioning of the network. The Board consists of a chair, vice chairs, secretary and treasurer who consult with Working Group chairs and conference hosts as necessary.

Currently the following persons hold a position in the Board:


Arnau knipsel

Chairman: Mr. Arnau Queralt Bassa

Council for Sustainable Development in Catalonia

miranda site

Vice Chair: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Council for Sustainable Development in Catalonia

antonio website

Vice Chair: Dr. António Abreu

Portuguese National Council on Environment and Sustainable Development

Ron website

Board member: Dr. Ron Hillebrand

Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure


Board member: Dr. Laurence Monnoyer Smith

French National Council for Ecological Transition