27th EEAC Annual Conference, Lisbon, 19 September 2019

Cooperation and Partnerships for Sustainable Development
The ambition to live well within the boundaries of our planet is an increasingly deep-rooted desire among a growing number of Europeans. Thousands of students are dedicating themselves to expressing serious concerns about the ecological crisis and climate change, and these concerns are clearly shared broadly by other participants in society. And concerned citizens are not alone. Their outcry is publicly supported by a vast group of scientists from across the globe. The support of citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs and organized civil society will be essential for embarking on an unprecedented journey of systemic transformation. And this is a journey that the European Union must undertake in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

This societal support should be leveraged to create new partnerships and alliances. Through partnerships we achieve more: more impact, greater sustainability, increased value to all. This is why, at the 27th EEAC Annual Conference partnerships for sustainable development (SDG 17) were the main lens through which we engaged with challenges such as the energy transition, fresh water, and the preservation and sustainable use of our seas and oceans.

To a large extent Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Water), 7 (Energy) and 14 (Oceans) address regional and global issues that are crucial to achieving well-being and economic prosperity for EU citizens. We face multiple and complex challenges with regard to water, energy and oceans, not only in the European Union and its Member States but globally. It is for this reason that the National Council on the Environment and for Sustainable Development in Portugal (CNADS) put these three themes at center stage for the 27th EEAC Annual Conference.

Aim of the conference
The conference used exchange of knowledge, viewpoints and experiences to enhance insights in successful examples of partnerships to move forward from reflections on the challenges we face on issues such as water, energy and oceans to the implementation of solutions.

Set-up and Targeted Audience
The conference built upon the work of national and sub-national advisory councils on the environment and sustainable development. This annual gathering of councils and their partners fostered our common European debate on the implementation of the SDGs in Europe. The diversity of EEAC’s scientific and stakeholder councils met in Lisbon, Portugal, to engage in exchange and deliberation with high-level experts from academia, society and the public sector. In inclusive conference formats, the network further strengthened its bonds across both national boundaries and academic and policy silos.

Conference documents 

Conference Summary, Programme and Photos

Mainline Summary of the 27th EEAC Annual Conference

The Conference Programme & Speakers Biographies

Selection of photos

Presentations by the keynote speakers

Cooperation and Partership for Sustainabl Development by Lotta Tähtinen, Outreach and Partnerships Branch at UN DESA Division for SDGs

The EU Water Framework Directive & Partnerships: clean and sufficient water for all?, by Peter Gameltoft, OECD Water Governance Initiative

Enhancing the energy transition: the Dutch Energy Agreement by Rob Weterings, National Economic and Social Council of the Netherlands

A global assessment to strengthen the sustainable use of oceans by Maria João Bebianno, Centre for Marine and Environmental Changes of the University of Algarve

Political contributions

Speech by His Excellency the President of of the Assembly of the Republic

Speech by Her Excellency the Minister of Sea

Speech by His Excellency the Minister for the Environmente and Energy Transition

Opening address by his Excellency the Secretary General of the United Nations, Video Message





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19 September 2019