Day I: Digital transformation in the Anthropocene

Today, November 17th 2021, we kicked-off the 29th EEAC Annual Conference, hosted virtually from Barcelona. After the institutional welcome by – among others – the President of the government of Catalonia Pere Aragonès i Garcia and the Secretary for Climate Action of the Catalan government Anna Barnadas-López, three experts set the scene, talking about digital transformation in the Anthropocene.

In the first address of the day, Marcel Dorsch  (advisor for digital transformation to Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency)) touched upon the relationship between the green and digital transformations (please consult his PowerPoint presentation Here). Asun Lera St.Clair shared her views on the ethical and social implications of the digital transformation, including the application of Artificial Intelligence Systems (please consult here PowerPoint presentation Here.)

The third and final contribution, setting the scene from an EU perspective, was provided by Martin Harris-Hess, representing the European Commission (DG Growth). In his contribution, Harris-Hess talked about the initiatives that  the European Commission deployed to enhance the twin-transitions, and the initiatives being taken to limit any negative social and ethical implications of this digital transition.

We will continue on Thursday November 28th 2021 discussing the role governments and the European Union are pursuing to advance both the green and digital transformations (the twin-transitions) while mitigating against unintended consequences.  The complex and intertwined relationship between the digital transformation and the need to battle climate change will be a key focus. The recordings of Day I will be made available soon.