Latest publication: Circular economy: Putting ideas into practice

The German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU), released the English version of its report entitled ‘Circular economy: Putting ideas into practice’. The report discusses what regulatory and economic tools are needed to promote a circular economy.

In its report the SRU furthermore underlines that the circular economy is seen as a solution to resource scarcity and a driver of employment and welfare in Europe and Germany. In reality, however, the use of primary raw materials continues to increase. The fact is that currently only a small part of the material demand is covered in a circular way, as waste management lags behind the requirements of the circular economy, the SRU argues.

People and markets need a product policy that combines a good standard of living with lower demand for raw materials. The goal of reducing material flows must therefore be anchored in policy. Products should be designed to be compatible with the circular economy. High-quality recycling must finally become a reality. To put ideas into practice, policymakers must adopt new measures and give them a clear ecological focus, the SRU argues. Read More